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Complaints Procedure

Effective Date: 27/06/2023

Blue Ocean Travel is committed to providing high quality services to clients in all aspects of its activities.

Our Client care policy is to –

We consistently strive to deliver our services in light of the above policy and are committed to deliver total satisfaction. However, on any rare occasion, if we  fail to meet your expectations, please feel free to provide constructive feedback  – this will give us an opportunity to improve the services we offer and the way we provide them.

Making a complaint

If you are dissatisfied with our action or lack of action, or the standard of service provided by us, you may make a verbal complaint. Please raise your concerns with the relevant staff member for an on- the-spot resolution. Most of the complaints get resolved after you talk to us as you may find it caused by misunderstanding.

If your complaint cannot be resolved instantly, you can also make a written complaint in person,  by post, or by email to info@blueoceantravell.com

We request the following information with your complaint:

Make your complaints within 4 weeks of the event so that we can take corrective measures quickly and you do not remain unhappy for long.

Our complaints resolution procedures

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will record it, the issue raised and find out the justification of your complaint within 3 working days. We will follow a complaint investigation procedure and in this process may need to talk to you over the phone or meet you in person.

We aim to give you our decision within 20 working days, and resolve the matter up to your satisfaction.

Please accept our apology in advance for your dissatisfaction. We thank you for raising your concerns with us – this give us the chance to be more involved with you, learn great things from you and enrich our client experience hugely with positive notes.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at info@blueoceantravell.com.

Last Updated: 01/07/2023