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Equality and Diversity

Effective Date: 27/06/2023


Equality exists when things are same or equal – ‘the state of being equal’. It is about creating a society that is fair.

The ideal ensures access or provision of equal opportunities for individuals or groups to make the most of their lives and fulfil their potential, and believes no one should have poorer life chances; no one is prejudiced or discriminated.

Discrimination in equality can occur in race, colour, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, nationality, economic disadvantage, sex, health, religion, family structure, age, politics, disability, culture, sexual orientation or in terms of believes.


Diversity literally means difference. Diversity acknowledges that individuals or groups are different and not the same as another or each other – they are unlike in nature, form or quality and unique in many ways though they have things in common with each other.

Diversity recognises and appreciates visible and non-visible differences including personal characteristics such as background, beliefs, culture, personality, ethics, values and work-style in addition to the characteristics of equality.

The ideal ensures an understanding of our individual differences and encourages embracing the rich dimensions within individuals or groups so that everybody is recognised, respected, valued in a safe, positive, productive and nurturing environment.

Our policy on Equality & Diversity

At Blue Ocean Travel, we adopt and promote an inclusive culture of equality and diversity for all staff, students, partner education institutes and organisations. We:

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Last Updated: 01/07/2023