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Africa’s size and diversity is often taken for granted. Even the term “safari” can mean something different depending on which part of the continent you’re in. Our knowledgeable Destination Experts will help clarify all the magnificent options available, then custom create a privately-guided African safari itinerary catering to your exact specifications.

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South Africa

south africa tourism
south africa tourism1

An entire continent’s worth of greatness concentrated into a single gorgeous package, South Africa practically bowls visitors over with its abundance of natural splendor, exotic wildlife, cosmopolitan flair, and friendly faces. There are hundreds of reasons to come to South Africa – savannah safaris, the vineyards of Stellenbosch, dazzling Cape Town, and the stunning Garden Route, to name but a few – and once you’ve gotten yourself here, you’ll discover millions more.

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Tanzania Tourism 3
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Tanzania Tourism

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa, Tanzania is well-established as one of the best wildlife-viewing destinations in the world. Safaris follow the trail of giant herds of antelope or wildebeest across the Serengeti, while lions lounge in the shade waiting for their next meal to trot by. On the horizon looms the conical silhouette of Kilimanjaro, beckoning the strong of lung and leg, and just off the coast the beaches and Arabian-infused culture of Zanzibar offer travelers a very different Africa.

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A land of wild tablelands, verdant grasslands, arid salt pans, and the mighty Kalahari Desert, landlocked Botswana is prime safari country. Wildebeest and antelope roam Botswana’s savannas, while the world’s largest inland delta, the Okavango, is home to everything from elephants to zebras and more birds than you can shake a camera at. With numerous parks and reserves, a Botswana safari is a natural choice for wildlife enthusiasts. If it’s the Africa of nature shows you’re looking for, this is the place.

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Kenya-tourism 2

It could be argued that “safari” was born in Kenya, with the primal drama of lion, leopard, and cheetah hungrily following a sea of wildebeest so immense, at times it seems the earth itself is moving. The annual Great Migration, Africa’s single most famous safari draw, occurs every September and October as animals travel between Tanzania’s Serengeti and Kenya’s Masai Mara Park reserve. The park takes its name from famous nomadic Masai people, who wander as freely across the Kenya–Tanzania border as their cattle. There is more to Kenya than safaris, though: from coral reefs and white-sand beaches to tea plantations (plus a tourism infrastructure that can get you to all of them) you’re not likely to get bored.

Popular Destinations


Zimbabwe tourism 2
Zimbabwe tourism 1

From flying over thunderous Victoria Falls to up-close wildlife encounters on game drives in Hwange National Park, the raw and rugged beauty of Zimbabwe will leave a strong impression. Home to three World Heritage-listed sites that can all be wound into a personalized itinerary, the country’s dramatic landscapes provide travelers with one must-see sight after another.

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