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Popular Destinations

Lobéké National Park

Lobéké National Park1
Lobéké National Park2

The Lobéké National Park, which is part of the Congo Basin, is located in the extreme south-east of Cameroon. It covers an area of 217,854 ha. Created on March 19, 2001, the management of the Park is part of the cross-border conservation initiative, known as the Tri-National Sangha (TNS).

It is a biodiversity conservation landscape that includes, in addition to the Lobéké National Park, the protected areas of Dzanga-Sangha (RCA) and Nouabalé-Nkoki (Congo Brazzaville). Lobéké has a network of marshy clearings especially on the eastern flank of the park, it offers Safari enthusiasts to film elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees monkeys, thanks to the watchtowers available in the Park, located near the natural salt marshes (or berries) to observe animals.

Popular Destinations

Discover North Cameroon

waza park cameroon1
waza park cameroon1
waza park cameroon56

Waza Park is a UNESCO reserve with an incredible variety of flora and fauna. The protection of this park has been in extreme focus since its inception and continues to be so today. 

But the Waza National Park is not the only national wonder of North Cameroon to visit. There are the peaks of Rhumsiki within the Mandara Mountains to explore. North Cameroon is a favorite destination for many tourists because it involves plenty of driving that offers a great opportunity to take in the Cameroonian landscape. We can also arrange for you to spend some quality time with locals in their villages and exploring the art of different handicrafts that many of them are experts in.

Popular Destinations

Explore the Cameroon Rainforest

dja faunal reserve cameroon

The Dja Faunal Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest (526.000 ha) and best-protected rainforests in Africa! The reserve is almost entirely surrounded by the Dja River. This reserve is very well-known for the abundance of biodiversity it offers and a wide variety of animals including elephants, buffalo, and leopards! 

The forest has remained largely undisturbed and is an integral part of the Congo Basin. Within the forest lives a group of Baka Pygmies who continue to thrive thanks to the forest.

Popular Destinations

Climb-up the Cameroon Mountains

mount cameroon2
mount cameroon speirops

Mount Cameroon is a biodiversity hotspot and is the most diverse ecosystem in  Cameroon – the  10th  most  conservable  places  in  the  world  (IUCN  1994).

The western slope of Mount Cameroon is probably the most diverse and richest area of the mountain, and is the only area in West and Central Africa where there is an unbroken vegetation gradient from evergreen lowland rainforest at sea-level, through montane forest, to montane grassland and alpine grassland near its summit.

The key animal species are elephants, chimpanzees and drills, with over 330 bird species. There are two endemic species: Mt. Cameroon francolin and the Mt. Cameroon speirops.

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